A unique philosophy

Founded by Marion Cornick in 1988, The Loddon School®  has a very unique philosophy to supporting and teaching children with behaviours that restrict their every day lives.

Each child’s care and education is completely individualised, each with their own timetable, which is created to meet their personal learning and social needs proactively reducing confrontation and stress.

This pioneering approach is known to the wider world as PROACT-SCIPr-UK®. It is taught to care providers and teachers across the country by the training arm of our organisation, Loddon Training & Consultancy.

Our aim is to enhance a child’s quality of life and give them the skills to communicate their own needs, rather than to communicate through challenging behaviours.

The Loddon School®

The Loddon School® is both home and school for 28 children and young people who have the most severe and complex learning difficulties.

The children, aged 8 to 19, live at The Loddon School® 52 weeks a year. It is both home and school, and provides education, leisure, play, outings and holidays.

Loddon Training & Consultancy

Marion Cornick developed and implemented the PROACT-SCIPr-UK® programme during her time as Principal of The Loddon School®, to enable her students to lead a fulfilling life.

Soon the amazing responses from the School’s students was being seen by others outside of the school and the obvious benefits that this approach was having. This led to requests and recommendations to supply training in the PROACT-SCIPr-UK® approach throughout the UK.

Marion understood that each person had different needs and not just as a child but that those needs continued into adulthood. Loddon Training & Consultancy was created in the early 1990’s delivering training not only to teacher and parents and carers but also organisations supporting adults.

A positive approach

At Loddon Training and Consultancy, we start by understanding people’s behaviour. Our extensive experience and research, shows that challenging behaviour comes from people not being able to communicate their wants and needs. Our approach identifies distress early and respond positively, in a non-restrictive way. We only ever teach supportive physical interventions when it’s essential to safety.

This proactive approach comes from the PROACT-SCIPr-UK® philosophy. It is based on evidence and values and takes a whole-person approach to supporting people whose behaviour can be challenging and in turn, can restrict their own lives and independence.

This positive approach gives the people our customers are supporting, independence, control and enables them to live a fulfilling life.

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